⚠ If an inner observable does not complete forkJoin will never emit a value! Observable Finally on Subscribe, do that logic only when I subscribe, and after the stream has ended I'm now using RxJS 5.5.7 in an Angular application and using finalize The older and now deprecated "patch" operator was called finally() (until RxJS 5.5). After all, you created it. The rxjs-no-add and rxjs-no-patched rules take an optional object with the optional properties allowObservables and allowOperators. If the tear down being added is a subscription that is already unsubscribed, is the same reference add is being called on, or is Subscription.EMPTY, it will not be added.. 여기서 Reactive Extensions 는 ReactiveX 프로젝트에서 출발한 리액티브 프로그래밍을 지원하기위해 확장했다는 뜻이다. There is an alias called finallyAction for browsers

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