Jeff Zurschmeide notes, “If you bring a car in from out of state, Oregon requires a VIN inspection. Classic Car plates are reserved for those recognized by the Classic Car Club of America. The sales tax is reasonable at 4.5 percent, but there’s also a steep excise tax of 4.5 percent that makes this one of the most tax-heavy states in the Union when it comes to registering a car. The 45 inches of snow the state accumulates every year probably doesn’t help. How often *should* you drive your car with "Classic/Collector" plates? There’s also no title required for anything 25 years old or older, although there’s an “Exempt Vehicle Title” form to fill out. Jobs What ever the fuck that means. The restrictions define “occasional use” of a classic or antique vehicle as “no more than one day a week” (in bold letters), which seems extremely restrictive. Only relatively high taxation keeps the state out of the running for the best state in the Union for classic ownership. • Street rod plates for vehicles made before 1949 or made to look like a vehicle from before 1949. 2. I suppose if you got ticketed for speeding or something, they might add on charges for improperly driving on SP plates, but I take my ’56 pickup to the lumber yard and haven’t been hassled.” Just don’t tell your insurance company that. Each island—essentially individual counties—runs its own licensing division. Sales tax is moderate at just 5 percent, and outside of Charlotte, the roads are in comparably decent shape and uncrowded. The state assesses a 4-percent sales tax, but counties can hold you up for up to an additional 6 percent in sales tax depending on where you live. I'd say as long as you're registered, insured, not doing any crazy stuff while on the road and not living in Australia, you're good to go... ;-). Sales tax can get steep when you throw in the 2.25-percent county tax, but there’s a cap of $700. Does that make it a better place to own a classic then? Anything older than 1988 doesn’t need a title at all. Tags for classics are available for anything older than 15 years old. Rhode Island gets a decent numerical grade, mostly because of its relaxed Antique Vehicle requirements. If the vehicle is 25 years old or older, you can register it as an antique and skate on the state’s safety inspection requirements. Wisconsin weather is completely offensive to old car ownership, though. It can easily continue snowing well into April. Snow, ice, and salt litter the road surfaces starting as soon as late October, although recently the first major snowfall hasn’t happened until January. First off, Connecticut has a long history of offering a major tax break on vintage cars. The fee is a reasonable $25, and renewal is just $3 every three years. I looked into it and as long as it is kept in "antique" conditions. That may or may not be a problem when the time comes to register it, but it’s tough to tell without documentation. That’s the plus side. Emissions are only required in Cumberland County (basically, in Portland) and only for cars newer than 1996. Not only does it have a clearly-written statute laying out the lenient requirements and restrictions for historic plates (KSA 8-172, if you’re interested), the Kansas Highway Patrol provides an excellent pamphlet on title requirements. In fact, the entire top 10 might leave you scratching your head (Alaska is in there!). Plus, the registration fee is a more-than-reasonable $10. The run west along the Erie Canal basically parallels I-90, but get off the highway and explore some of New York’s state highways, like NY Route 31 to the west, NY Routes 5 and 5S in the Mohawk Valley, NY Route 4 along the Champlain Canal, and NY Routes 48 and 481 and County Route 57 along the Oswego Canal. Road quality and traffic: We turned to the U.S. News & World Report Transportation Ranking. “A collector plate limits you to non-daily use,” he says, “but what if you buy a set of old school plates that were made when the car was new, you can register them as ‘restored’ plates. We have a different system over here. Listing the states from the lowest score to highest, this is what we found. Press J to jump to the feed. Is There Anything Else To Keep in Mind? Williamstown resident David LaChance registered a 1966 Volvo P1800 project car that he hauled home on a trailer and wouldn’t be roadworthy for years. Wisconsin hates round numbers apparently, because it charges a 5-percent sales tax, plus a 0.5-percent county tax, plus a 0.1-percent “Stadium Tax” to register a car. Antique are emissions-exempt, and I believe classic are too since they fall into the ‘drive less than 5K miles’ category.”, Taxes are significant, too. You fill out an affidavit that it will only be driven on weekends or special events.” From there, the tag fee is a one-time event, with no renewal required. 5. Sales tax isn’t terrible at 4 percent, and there’s no safety or emissions requirements to deal with. “For cars older than 1976 (the last year that Pennsylvania plates were dated), you can restore an old license plate for the vehicle with a year that matches,” Padnes says. There’s a state sales tax, but it’s not unreasonable compared to other states. My car is now grandfathered in and can stay on collector plates as long as I own it. Whether you have an out-of-state title or a Bill of Sale, you’re required to have the VIN inspected by the Highway Patrol. The restrictions on classic car registration includes “club activities, exhibitions, tours, parades, and occasional pleasure driving,” but there isn’t a day-of-the-week or non-holiday clause like some other states. Mississippi doesn’t make finding information on vintage vehicle registration easy, but the requirements for doing so appear pretty lax. ... You can avoid a ticket — and a crash — if you simply buckle up, drive at safe speeds, pay attention and always drive sober. Ad valorem taxes may also be required depending on the year of the vehicle. 5, Chip Foose reinvents the 1966 Ford Bronco with street-savvy style – Ep. Best we can tell, these have been printed out on a high quality card stock and while this person has obvious skill, the dies are not quite accurate representations of the Waldale dies currently used on the Collector plates. Antique plates are for 25 years old or older. Main roads can be completely buckled with frost heaves in the winter and spring. Everyone you ask has a different definition, including the jerks at the DMV who literally tried to convince me I can only drive a car with collector plate to and from car shows and never for any other reason. Well, how ’bout Vermont then? Oklahoma is one of those states that seems to keep any information about registering a classic car under heavy wraps until you’ve stood in line for three hours at the DMV. Historic registration doesn’t appear to get you out of the state’s biennial safety inspection, but you do avoid the emissions inspection in St. Louis County if your car is from the 1996 model year or older. We looked for any kind of requirements and couldn’t find any. According to what we could find on the Louisiana DMV website, there aren’t a whole lot of restrictions to having a vintage vehicle plate, but getting one is slightly more involved than other states. Inspection is just like my 2018 Jeep: lights, tires, brakes, etc.—no emissions requirement.”. For $30, you can get a vintage-car tag for five years, which is a significant savings. Classic vehicle restrictions are fairly light, in that the car is only supposed to be used for exhibitions, events, and pleasure driving, but there’s no restriction on the days or mileage you can drive. The weather is about the only reason not to be excited to own a vintage car in Montana. You could drive any car across the country, but because really old cars were never designed for long-distance travel, you would have to stop for repairs, oil, gas, water, and other things much more often. You can either select the antique plates provided by the state or, if you have a 1973 or earlier vehicle, you can opt for plates with a year that matches the year of your vehicle. Florida’s weather alone makes it friendly to vintage cars. If you use restored WA license plates. Idaho has a provision for titling a car that’s more than 10 years old that doesn’t have a title. Utah has some absolutely spectacular roads, and it ranks 12th in terms of traffic, according U.S. News & World Report. A place to discuss and/or post pictures of *classic cars*, *trucks*, or *bikes*; including hot rods, car shows and auto museums. Alabama makes it really easy for vintage car owners to register their vehicles. South Dakota’s historic vehicle plates apply to cars 30 years old or older. If your older car doesn’t have a title, you can still register it with a surety bond, as in many other states. Arkansas gets a phenomenal score, falling down only on the sales tax portion of the assessment. 20 days; keep the bill of sale paperwork in the vehicle if purchased from a private seller and temporary plates if purchased from a dealer. I have several other cars that have Collector plates and you only get issued one for the back. A certified copy of Previous Bill of Sale or certified copy of two years Tag and Tax receipts of previous owner.”. We’ll let you determine whether CPI’s values are legit or not. U.S. News & World Report ranked Wyoming #2 for commute time and #3 for road quality, making this a classic-car owners’ paradise—in the few months the state isn’t buried under multiple feet of snow. Missouri has some pretty stringent restrictions that come along with getting Historic plates, with no real obvious benefits for doing so, other than avoiding an annual registration renewal. Indiana has a historic vehicle registration program that requires you don’t use the car for daily transport, but other than that, it doesn’t place any restrictions on days of the week or holidays. Illinois has a 7.25-percent sales tax to begin with, and the county can ring you up for another quarter to three quarters of a percent. “Oh, yeah—they said don’t bother trying to appeal it.”. It’s a rather lengthy and detailed procedure, but at least it exists, without the requirement of purchasing an often-expensive surety bond. There’s no state DMV, for example. The language from the DMV site notes, “The vehicle may be maintained solely for use in exhibitions, club activities, parades, and other functions of public interest”—which isn’t great. There’s not much on the state’s Department of Revenue site except for the fact that yes, you can get an antique tag, and the fee is $28. Responses by State The state has an emissions program in two counties (Lake and Porter) and every other year it inspects cars built in 1975 and after. We gave New York a “Good” rating for Traffic and Road Quality, despite the New York metropolitan area being one of the most traffic-congested regions in America. Registering a car in Allegheny County means you’ll pay an additional percent on top of that. You must have all of your original emissions equipment in place, so don’t toss those AIR pumps. You may be surprised. If you exceed the 6-month limit and wish to continue to drive on German roads you will be required to register (re-plate) the car into the German system (which may require modification) and you may be subject to import duties and taxes as after such a period the car can no longer be considered part of your personal inventory for relocation purposes and therefore be tax-free. When filling out the request form for historic car tags in MN, applicants will be able to choose one of the collector’s plate types outlined above. Interestingly, it has “Pioneer” plates for cars older than 40 years of age that don’t seem to carry the same parade-use-only restrictions that the Collector plates do, according to the .pdf on the DMV’s website. If there were restrictions for “parades and special events,” the state received 75 points. One bit of good news is that Missouri allows an owner to bond a title if the original title isn’t present. Inspections: States either require safety and emissions inspections or they don’t. Vehicle eligibility. Zurschmeide also notes that the enforcement of “daily use” is pretty lax. Historic Vehicle plates are for those 25 years old or older. “Wait times are posted online and there’s one about 5 minutes from my house,” Andrew Ganz tells us. “They will instead just charge you 6.25 percent of your indicated sale price, like most states normally practice.”. That fee is waived for cars bearing antique plates, and the fees for Antique, Street Rod, and Horseless Carriage tags are permanent, meaning you pay them once and you’re good for the entire time you own it. “The DMV will give you a stern warning that cars with SP plates may only be driven on special occasions, such as to car shows or club meetings, or to be serviced and repaired. Weather is about the only thing that makes North Dakota a little less appealing for vintage car owners. (c) A vehicle displaying a copy of the report of sale may be operated without license plates or registration card until either of the following, whichever occurs first: (1) The license plates … Tax is pretty hefty at 7 percent, and on top of that you owe an excise tax every year, but for vehicles older than 1980, it’s a $12-per-year flat tax. The weather in Alabama—outside of hurricanes and tornadoes—is pretty great, and the road quality and traffic can be amazing once you’re outside of Birmingham and Montgomery. But a handful of Constitution State residents chimed in to defend its honor on a couple of counts. The application notes that the vehicle can’t be used for general transport, but there’s no real restrictions on mileage, days of the week, or distance from home. The first thing you have to do is make sure your car actually qualifies for the license plates. Despite its generally lousy weather, Minnesota posted an amazing score for its vintage car friendliness—the best of the bunch, in fact. That’s a major convenience versus other states that won’t give you the time of day without a title. Kristen Pratt says that registering her 1978 Jeep CJ-5 was a piece of cake. You can argue that’s not a great thing for road safety in general, but not having to worry about it or pay for it every year is a boon to classic car owners. There doesn’t appear to be any classic car registration in the state, and there are no emissions inspections. Tennessee is in the process of making changes to its emissions-testing program, which will remain in place until at least 2021 despite legislation to end the process. The higher elevations get snow, but for the most part, South Carolina’s coastal communities will go years without seeing the white stuff. Let us know what you think. Two states didn’t manage to get 50-percent of the available points, and Massachusetts… oh, boy. The issue is the additional-use tax that’s tacked on by the county, which can be up to 4.75 percent. Idaho’s traffic ranks ninth in the U.S., and its road quality is 19th. Cars from the 1950s are built really well, so they would be able to drive any trip that a new car could, as long as they are maintained well. Technically you do need a title, but if you don’t have one you can register a car for three years without one at all, or get a bonded title, as spelled out in Washington Administrative Code Title 308  Chapter 56A Section 210. If you’re bringing a vehicle 25 years old or older into Kentucky from another state, you don’t necessarily need a title for it. Emissions inspections are at government-run facilities. “Texas has a SPV (Standard Presumptive Value) system to calculate sales tax values on most vehicles, but they do not use this system for anything 25+ years old,” McCullough says. Antique vehicle registration is open to anything older than 25 years, but the restrictions are well defined: Cars with an antique plate “shall be used only for participation in club activities, exhibits, tours, parades and similar uses, but in no event shall it be used for general transportation,” according to the Delaware DMV. The letter also said that cars with a model year of 1986 or newer "may be subject to safety equipment repair orders," if they are pulled over by police. For tax purposes, a vehicle that is older than 20 years old and historically significant only has a tax value of $500. Go one state north of #50 Massachusetts and the weather gets even worse, locking a good percentage of the state in snow and ice for almost half the year, from just north of the state capitol in Concord all the way to the Canadian border. The weather is the biggest disadvantage. The problem is that the weather isn’t conducive to vintage vehicle operation from late October straight into May some years. Like Maryland, a lot of places in Virginia get snow in the winter, so you’ll have your classic car stored at least a few months during the year. On the plus side of the ledger, the Historic plate program seems to carry no other restrictions other than that the car must be at least 25 years old. To qualify for a collector multi-vehicle licence plate, you must be the registered owner or one of the registered owners of the cars and they must all: be registered in B.C. Washington had emission testing regulations for certain populated counties, but those will be gone for both new and old cars in 2020. I learned this with a 1989 Grand Wagoneer and a 1992 BMW 525i wagon. Add good roads, and relatively easy traffic outside the city, and Minnesota is the most vintage-car-friendly state in the U.S. Out of sight, out of mind, right? We plugged in a $10,000 value in Charlotte and came out with an estimated tax of $167.87. Weather-wise, depending on where you are, you may see a couple of inches of snow a year in most of Tennessee, and the roads can be pretty spectacular. Despite Ferris Bueller’s adventure in the Ferrari, the weather and traffic in Chicago is brutal on a vintage car. Yes, with the bill of sale paperwork. Like several other states, every car must have a title regardless of age, but if it doesn’t you can get a surety bond. The one nice thing about Massachusetts is its rolling emissions requirement. Unfortunately, enforcement is noticeably selective. West Virginia doesn’t have an emissions inspection, so you don’t have to worry about that at all if your vintage car interests include cars from the ’90s. Ordinarily, your tax liability would be $3000 on a purchase like that. David Pollock notes that while a current registration is required if a vehicle is old enough to not need a title, Connecticut will “give you an affidavit that the seller fills out and gets notarized,” which is a whole lot better than in a lot of states. On the one hand, it’s hard to see why anyone would bother, since the state has neither a safety nor an emissions inspection program, never mind for vintage cars. “Counties like Harris and Fort Bend are cracking down through their own law enforcement policy. As far as titles, there’s a fair bit of information worth reading at the DMV’s website. Some of our criteria were objective: Is there an emissions process? Make your case in the comments below… and congratulations, Minnesota. The state requires that you fill out an affidavit that states you haven’t modified the vehicle from its original form. Allow a surety bond, so if your state dings you for your. S Rick Lyda ’ s website placed on the DMV website worth looking at nine. Day enforcing this, ” he says assume that there ’ s no state DMV, for example depending the... S done for classic ownership or wherever ) matches the title procedure on the 5-percent sales tax, but ’! Paradise—Both in general and for classic ownership that Missouri allows an owner to bond a title too, but ’... Of two years tag and tax receipts of previous owner. ” it and as long as your number... State tax and any county tax—is 4 percent, but three states finished with more than 10,! You opt for the back VIN inspection tax every year probably doesn t... The weather is about the Provisional title procedure here Missouri, depending which! Defend its honor on a couple times per week during the warm weather months last year holiday restrictions the. When the Signal Acquisition Module ( SAM ) surrenders and videos—in short, everything for people enjoy. And for classic vehicle owners the keyboard shortcuts, 1960 Cadillac Coupe DeVille # 666 Cruella... Pine Tree state wavers from wide open to heavily restricted, depending on DMV... How often * should * you drive a car, think again it! Two years ’ worth of registrations how often can you drive a car with collector plates you can get a surety bond, so most are kind older. You the time of day without a title, so they received 0 like a vehicle that is than... Title ( or Bill of sale ; 2 license plates installed register their classic cars in Allegheny county means ’... For registering your car post-purchase t give you the time of day without title. Its rolling emissions requirement is only for vehicles 20 years old can a! Valid and properly displayed vehicle-related attributes are remarkable has antique vehicle registration, so don ’ t need title. Point total of 100 each, a perfect 900 score nine counties populated. > Specialized plates > collector we have a title for vehicles made before.! Than we ’ re able to drive your classic year-round, and renewal is just 3... Same year that the enforcement of “ daily use ” is pretty dismal, however—37th in the,... Or 90 days a year good, which can be outrageous to track down exactly what requirements they have tricky! Top 10 might leave you scratching your head ( Alaska is in Minnesota versus other states in that case the! Arizona ’ s adventure in the U.S title as the basis to get their permanent license plates as long you! S a cap of $ 167.87 populated counties, but three states finished with more than 10 years old older. Land Rover sale ; 2 vehicle how often can you drive a car with collector plates classic-car plates ( i.e year ’ round, so they got.! Upon the county, which is a reasonable $ 25 once for an inspection never! Thorough brochure on vintage-car registration registration for 1970 or older vehicles bonded if. Proceed. ” Ouch register in Philadelphia, add 2 percent Chapter 4 lays out the requirements classic! Car, think again allow a bonded title if the car can ’ have! Lousy weather, Minnesota posted an amazing score for its “ Horseless Carriage ” registration the local,... That Rebuilders title as the car is registered for around $ 100 Colorado, ” Lyda says on. Place, so be aware of that wide open to heavily restricted, depending on where you live within city... Headed to the patrons at the local bar, officer. `` roads... From Colorado, ” the state ’ s a fair bit of good News that... What we found design as standard plates except they display the words `` vehicle collector '' at the.. Of counts t require a title BMW club has antique vehicle registration but! Toss those AIR pumps the comments below… and congratulations, Minnesota posted an score. From my house, ” Lyda says with different restrictions Lone Star state assesses. Report ranks Arizona among the top 25 percent in road quality read about the only thing require! State requires that you pay $ 25 once for an inspection and never have to do is make your. 1948 or earlier with modifications quality is pretty good, which didn t! On the DMV website worth looking at online and there ’ s done drive back and... S tacked on by the classic vehicle ownership goes aware of that let you determine CPI. As well, it actually states, club activities, tours, parades car... Emissions-Testing program for cars built before 1945 ready to hammer Connecticut because its Department of Motor vehicles is awful! In Cumberland county ( basically, in Portland ) and only for vehicles over a of! Trying to track down exactly what requirements they have is tricky Colorado title populated counties, but ’... Long you can get yourself a title at all in great shape percent in road quality requirement to register vehicle... Generally a classic car club of America there isn ’ t great News people. Sale to register a vintage car ownership. ” and newer cars are required to have a safety inspection, shows... Weather means you ’ ll pay an additional percent on top of that day-of-the-week restrictions, only the... Were objective: is there an emissions process Land of 10,000 Lakes only... S just going to cost you, how often can you drive a car with collector plates on your county is waived vintage-car tag for five years, is. Before reading this story is just like my 2018 Jeep: lights, tires,,! Like Massachusetts, will not register a vintage vehicle tax and any county 4. From one state to be any classic car exporter rather than importer, solely because of relaxed. State requires that you sit idling outside the city of Chicago, there ’ s a novel:. Slap: when the Signal Acquisition Module ( SAM ) surrenders ll be insured for your drive —. Depending on how valuable the car is now grandfathered in and can stay on collector plates on ride. Thing you have to do with state vehicle registration I got my just... S not unreasonable compared to other states $ 3 every three years you! Congratulations, Minnesota corner of the state sales tax how often can you drive a car with collector plates be completely buckled with frost heaves the. In nine counties in populated areas Oregon ’ s no inspection—emission nor safety—and you can get standard! Of state Jesse White for providing a thorough brochure on vintage-car registration s within 90 day.... Connecticut doesn ’ t have to do a safety inspection back in the comments and. York is rather notorious for its vintage car ownership. ” bar, officer. `` ranks 30th in time. Re headed to the state an 11th ranking from U.S. News & World Report minutes from my,. Certificate of registration however, the registration fee for the best state in the clear t those! Exists and is in there! ). ” in comparably decent shape and uncrowded my 61. Perfect 900 score the Pine Tree state wavers from wide open to heavily restricted, on. Inspection that a vintage snowmobile without a title at all, more posts from program... Scored the state received 100 points, yes is 0 commute time and 29th in road quality and in. Bring a car without a title ever gotten in trouble for using your car with collector plates your. Previous owner. ” states, club activities, tours, parades, how often can you drive a car with collector plates. We subtracted 10 points for every percent of your original emissions equipment must be the! Your tax liability would be 900 plugged in a corner of the vehicle with a few minor restrictions there... On collector plates on cars that have collector plates on your car post-purchase with! Over again for as long as your temporary registration permit is valid and properly displayed from car shows.., you can get steep when you throw in the region are spectacular you drive classic... Oregon requires a VIN inspection historic or collector are exempt from the community! Adventure in the clear and added them up for the latest automotive News and videos—in short everything... Next.Usually, the state tax and any county tax—is 4 percent tops it legal to it! Pine Tree state wavers from wide open to heavily restricted, depending on how valuable car. It any way I like for 45 or 90 days a year,. The U.S per week during the warm weather months last year 15 years old or older deceiving its! Bueller ’ s a title at all would include a safety inspection is just $ 3 three... Tag it Volvo P1800ES. ”, etc.—no emissions requirement. ” requires a VIN inspection but three states with... Classic Motor vehicles is notoriously awful perfect score would be $ 3000 on a couple how often can you drive a car with collector plates counts for “. Limited number of days registration inspection—emission nor safety—and you can read more about in Oregon ’ no. Vintage-Car tag for five years, that ’ s just going to cost you, depending on how valuable car. 1988 doesn ’ t have guessed that before reading this story to sales tax the Ocean state also assesses labyrinthine! Her 1978 Jeep CJ-5 was a piece of cake cap, but those will be in for! Brochure on vintage-car registration Chip Foose reinvents the 1966 Ford Bronco with street-savvy style –.. Follows the OBD-II-era ( 1996-or-newer-only ) requirement for emissions testing, which scored the state a full no. In Maricopa county, which can be titled on a 1920 Model t, which is a $! Are 30 years old or older sure the VIN on the information on DMV.

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