thanks Deep Folk Crossing: The location of the last shard will not display a marker. There, you're looking for a place called Deep Folk Crossing, which is a bridge to the NORTH of Bthardamz itself. It is the location of one of the convectors required to repair arniel ganes warped soul gem. The Aetherium Shard is located at the very end of the ruin in Raldbthar Deep Market, so get ready for a long trek. The fourth shard is hidden inside Deep Folk Crossing, north-east of Markarth. > Once at Deep Folk Crossing, SAVE, go up the hill to the north. Inside the storeroom, unlock the gate and claim the shard. Lost to the Ages, Deep Folk Crossing I am stuck at the last aetherium shard, at the site that it should be found (the pillar where the helmet is) however no shard is present. After collecting all the shards, head to where the Forge has been hidden, i.e. Any clues on what has gone wrong and how to fix it? I have three parts, but when I go to Deep Folk Crossing the fourth part is not there. Arkngthamz Deep Folk Crossing Mzulft Raldbthar Lost to the Ages I believe it has a high level lock guarding the entrance door. Originally this was the location of the dwemer. NOTE : Even if you have already cleared the ruin, the elevator may be shut tight due to the exterior cell re-spawning after 10-30 in-game days. Just find the river west of Dragon Bridge and follow the stream west past a series of waterfalls to an ancient Dwarven bridge that is in good repair. These shards, actually named Aetherium Shards, are used during the Lost to the Ages quest. the Ruins of Bthalft - south-west of Ivarstead. Skyrim, the fifth game in the Elder Scrolls series, takes place in the province of Skyrim 200 years after the Oblivion Crisis. It's the same thing for the one at Bthardamz. It is also the location of one of the atherium shards for the. Interactive map of Skyrim. When I went to Arkngthamz I met with Katria's ghost but still no quest appears in my journal. It's located in one of the exterior buildings; you want the one called "Dwarven Storeroom". You can find it by traveling far west of morthal or north of markarth. Like the above poster said, the Mzulft one isn't in the ruin itself. After looking over the area and fus roh dahing, im at an impasse with 30 weight from the other 3 sitting in my inventory. Deep folk crossing is an ancient dwemer bridge over a weir with structures at either end in the northern part of the reach. Deep folk crossing is a point of interest in western skyrim. Deep folk crossing on map. The fourth shard is located at Deep Folk Crossing due west of Dragon Bridge-far to the west. This is on a PS3, so I can't use any keyboard commands. I visited Deep Folk crossing and picked up one of the Aetherium shards before reading "The Aetherium wars" (Katria's ghost did not appear then). New primary objective: Find the Aethrium Forge. Locating deep folk crossing t d quasar. Shard 4 Your next destination is Deep Folk Crossing, which is northeast of Markarth and southwest of Mor Khazgur. Description is not yet ready. The quest arrow points to the pedestal, but the shard is absent. Find out why close. Deep Folk Crossing is north of Markarth in the Reach, and the shard is located across the bridge of Deep Folk Crossing. It's lying on one of the stone pedestals. Locating deep folk crossing t d quasar. Skyrim travel to deep folk crossing to find the aetherium piece. The third Aetherium Shard is located in the Storage Room of Mzulft, which is found if you turn to the West before you enter the Dwemer ruin.

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