Devine has been enjoying the parodies. ... Bunny’s device now has 70 buttons … Even if it turns out Bunny’s button-pressing isn’t exactly robust communication, Rossano thinks the research is on the right track in comparison to past experiments, where animals were taken out of their natural habitats. Her claim to fame is "talking" to her owner through a mat of prerecorded … One of the first things they’re looking at is how quickly the animals are learning to use the buttons. I like to spend my days playing, eating, and "talking. Along with Bunny’s demands for scritches, Devine, an artist and self-identified nonexpert in dog science, fields hundreds of questions from humans every day. Teaching pets to speak has also become a bit of a growing trend during the pandemic. “Dogs are enculturated naturally, they live with humans,” Rossano says. Bunny the talking dog is a sheepadoodle who learned to communicate with owner Alexis Devine through sound-emitting buttons. Rossano says the videos of Bunny are interesting, “but we need to be very careful about what we think is going on. With FluentPet's compact buttons firmly seated in a hexagonal tile grid (shown below), word locations are easier to learn and remember. There’s a lot of risk about making bold claims.” He wants to gather as much data as possible, and until experiments determine how much humans influence their companions’ actions, he won’t be drawing any hard conclusions about Bunny’s capacity for language. TikTok’s most famous talking dog has inspired some serious research, Like many devoted dog owners, Alexis Devine spends hours every day sitting in her living room talking to her dog, Bunny. Up Next in Living. The system is based on augmentative and alternative communication (AAC device) which are used in speech therapy to help non-verbal people to … Will the dogs be able to produce the same seemingly remarkable behaviors with outside researchers that they regularly display for their owners? They began planning a project to study Bunny and other dogs like her who are learning to use the buttons. In a follow-up video, Bunny’s dog mum explains how the technology works and tells fans how to get their hands on their own dog talking machine. Inspired by Hunger for Words, Devine decided to teach Bunny to talk using a pegboard with buttons that sounded a word when pressed. What an inspiring and beautiful story! 99 Meet the bulked-up giant bunny who’s as big as his toddler owners, Extra-wrinkly Sphynx cat goes viral for being the ‘world’s scariest cat’, Candice Warner on SAS Australia and her 'super-strong' marriage to cricket star David, Aussie pop singer Jessica Mauboy ends 16-year relationship, Expert reveals the sad reason we should learn to love the native 'bin chicken', $220 an hour to 'humiliate' men: Grandmother, 69, becomes DOMINATRIX after 'bad divorce', Inspirational Australian Turia Pitt chats about her new baby and book. Bunny has learnt to press buttons that say English words aloud, allowing her to effectively ‘talk’ to her humans. Bunny is now 15 months old, and her system has expanded into a mat with over 70 buttons. “It’s based on AAC - augmentative and alternative communication - which is a device that speech-language pathologists used to help non-verbal people communicate,” Devine said. Meet Bunny, the Sheepadoodle whose understanding of our language is expanding by the day. Bunny, a dog who can communicate using sound-making buttons, has over 5.7 million followers on TikTok. The video you're looking for doesn’t exist anymore, the link might be wrong or it may have been taken down. In the viral 40-second TikTok video, Bunny "speaks" or communicates by pressing the buttons "who" and then "this" on her augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) … A dog with the potential to communicate with us in a new way could push us to accept that animals “have their own thoughts, wants, needs, desires,” she says. That means basic data collection, like figuring out the speed at which a dog learns to associate a button that says “outside” with going outside. Bunny stands next to a collection of buttons on the floor, raises a paw, and presses down. After Devine’s videos started picking up traction in early spring, Federico Rossano, director of the Comparative Cognition Lab at UC San Diego, started discussing them with people in his department.

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